Thursday, May 22, 2008

A night of Arthur Miller at Central High School

Nate after The Crucible

Nate as Reverend Hale on the right. Unfortunately you have to
look past the lady that that ruined my photo op!

Tonight was Nathans first high school play. The Crucible was dark, wicked and the best production of the night. Reverend Hale had an awesome performance! The cast did a great job in breaking down the story into a 20 min play. If anyone remembers the story. Hale comes from out of town to help rid the town of all the witchcraft. For the play to be cut to fit the timing, all the characters acted in the dark evil chants scenes. then of course Hale had some scenes with the main characters. I must say that he had a major part.

No suprise as many know that Nate was in The Sound of MUsic last year with a major part as the butler. He truly has a talent for theatre. Not quite sure which side of the family the talent came from. I hope that we will see more productions in the next three years of school.


  1. How fun! You must be so proud! I am sorry we don't live close. I would have loved to have seen him on stage. I love theatre!!!