Friday, August 22, 2008

exhausted from vacationing

Our awesome grandma
waiting for the 4-D movie at the aqaurium
Hunter and Aunt Chris

I never thought that i would say thank goodness summer has come to an end. I have never had the opportunity to travel like i did this summer.....i guess the perks of becoming an RN and working per diem. However, i must say that exhaustion from flying and driving has taken over and i am looking forward to the mundane parts of the school year for a while....that is once some sort of routine is found.
Last week, Hunter and I drove up to see our grandma and aunt chris in georgia. Nate had had it with vacation and opted to stay a few days with a friend instead. Steve was able to fly up for a short weekend getaway and drive home with us girls. While in Georgia, we again ate a lot of good grub (seems like all me trips revolved around food). We hung out with my cousins, met my uncles new wife and stepson. We had a BBQ and swim, along with visiting the aquarium (which was completely awesome). I know that this trip topped off hunters summer... visiting family, being spoiled and away from her brothers.
I enjoyed every destination hat was visited and every person or stop that added to my adventures. I do not know if a summer like this will happen again for a i have learned i can only go with the flow of life. I will anxiously await any visitors that may come to texas and visit the wadkins home. Until then i say thank you to all who helped me keep busy and hit this point of tiredness!


  1. I wish I could of went with you guys! I miss Hunter and Grandma and everyone else.I am so glad you guys were able to come visit us here. It was the highlight of the summer.

  2. What a great summer you have had! I cannot believe how beautiful and grown up Hunter is! Time flies, doesn't it!!!