Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 16th and a fun day it was

Me and my 6 foot baby

Nate is the prince for the day and totally spoiled

The gang: Nate, Mark, Trent, Matt and Issaac
(and i must say i had to force the boys to pose
for this picture explaining the whole time why
I wanted a picture)

It was 16 years today that this miracle came into our lives. Many memories and a lot of exciting chapters, with this next one being a biggy....driving, dating and more independence. It was so important to me that this was a fun and memorable day, not only for Nate, but me as his sappy mom. The festivities started off at 12:02 am with the midnight showing of Transformers 2. A very crowded movie, but provided much debate among the guys. Followed by a day of sleeping. Then pizza for dinner, a delectable chocolate cake and an evening at Main Event. We played a game of bowling....totally fun as we were all horrible. Then the guys had a round of laser tag and I was totally wiped and ready for bed.


  1. 16! Scary!!! I'm glad you made it a big day for him. Those are the best memories!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy birthday! I can't believe he is 16. I still remember him being so little throwing quesdilla all over my car because I would not let him have ketchup. Love you Nate!

  3. we need to make plans for next year to make it different