Wednesday, June 24, 2009

collision time

It is ironic that Steve and his car were taken out today (being Nate's birthday). Steve had surgery on Nathaniel's 13th birthday. When he turned 14 we were broke and sick. Last year on the 15th, Nate was away at scout camp. He has lost out on this being a special day and for a week, we joked that it the cycle of bad karma happening on his day was done....and then the early AM call home came.
A trailblazer that was in a lane to go straight, decided he wanted to turn and turned right into Steve and his small Kia. Lets say the Trailblazer won and as Steve describes it..."the guy got out and in my face saying the I got in his way." Thank goodness it appears the insurance adjuster has some common sense and is ruling mr trailblazer at fault. The extent of damage is not yet known, but Steve was not physically hurt.

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  1. He better start staying home sick on that day from now on. I'm glad he is OK and that they have brains enough to see it wasn't his fault.