Sunday, May 31, 2009


The topic today at our church service was on our ward missionaries and some of the missionaries thoughts. A family member of each missionary spoke. Steve spoke on behalf of my parents. His thoughts were very enlightening and showed how much respect he has for my parents. Excerpts from their letter also provided us how doing a service mission can still bring blessings to many. Along with talking about my parents and their service they are providing; Steve gave some nice thoughts as he reflected on his mission that he served as a young man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As we are raising a teenage boy, I hope that some of the messages today stick in his head. Nathaniel talks of going on a mission, in private to us. As his parents, we hope that he stays worthy and keeps this as a goal. I will always love missionaries and the sincere service that they provide.


  1. Can you believe they will be heading home soon. Boo hooo!!!!

  2. The jean shorts on your dad crack me up! Cute picture!

    I hope Nathan gets that experience! Jason regrets not serving a mission EVERY day of his life!