Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taste Addison

These boys actually do eat once in awhile

Issac, Mark, Matt and Nate
This past Saturday we went to one of our favorite events (Taste Addison). It is a fun day of eating lots of food, browsing expensive art and listening to free live music. This year Nate's buddies decided to come along, one extra body, which lead to one boy riding in the back of my blazer. I was glad to have them join us and amazed as they actually ate. With the exception of Nate, these boys never eat. The band this year was
Bowling for Soup. I am not quite sure what I think. The music was great...but the lyrics and show presentation was only ok. It does not matter though, because I love Taste Addison and we will go again next year!

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  1. Some time I will have to go. We took mom and dad to the Taste of Seattle they said it did not compare with the taste of Addison.