Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thumbs Up To Hot Springs Arkansas

Last week, Steve and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a little adventure.

Me enjoying a traditional bath

Can you see the steam from the hot spring?

I had been aching to go anywhere. This getaway was awesome and I enjoyed the time with Steve. Neither one of us new what to expect out of our chosen destination...but the verdict is that we will return again. However, this is not your place if you are totally into asthestics. You will find old history, broken tiles and make shift whirlpools in the bath houses. If you want some serious relaxation and some soft skin for a day or two, then a traditional bath is for you.
The question that first came to my mind wear a swim suit or not. We chose the not and to those who would are trully missing out on the true experience. You have your own personal attendant who escorts you around. First, it is to the 20 minute hot bath and scrub (yes, you are given a scrub from your attendant). Then it was off to the steam room, I chose the hot steam and all I could handle was maybe ten minutes. Next, the hot moist body wrap and a twenty minute relaxation period. Then it was a quick rinse off in the pencil shower. And finally, your attendant excorts you to the massage. My experience was precisely this and wonderful. However, Steve enjoyed the luxury that he did recieve. Unfortunately, there must have been a new male attendant and he left out half of the package. The attendants do see you naked, however, it is a pretty modest experience.
It was a complete down pour of rain on our full day there. Instead of doing as much hiking as I would have liked...we drove the mountains. We caught a good nap in our nice hotel, ate some great food and saw Star Trek. Arkansas was beautiful and the people were nice. Monday, was a little drizzly, but we were able to walk the bathhouse row and tour one of the original houses.

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  1. I'm glad you folks enjoyed H.S. I'm a born-and-raised native of 46 years and have always considered myself lucky to be from a place others find worth visiting! I would encourage you to explore more of the surrounding area - Lake Ouachita and the surrounding mountains are particularly nice. And if you're into spectacular natural beauty, don't miss Petit Jean State Park - on the AR River close to Morrilton in the central area of the state ... that's a personal favorite that I take my little get-aways to!

    Hope you continue to enjoy Hot Springs and make it one of your favorites!...