Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soaking Up Axel Ryan Time

My old Friday pal is leaving me soon as he and his parents are relocating to North Dakota. I have been trying to spend lots of time with this little guy...and we have chalked up a few more memories.

 The armbands once belonged to Nathaniel J.. I think it is fun to see someone sport them around.

 I was invited to little mans Lego birthday party...and of course we had to do a selfie

Who is the kid behind the mask?

 Thinking this is pre-party goofiness

 I was invited to fill in for grandparents day at Axel's school

 Charles and Axel being creative with Lego's

I am totally afraid that Axel Ryan will forget me and we will lose our special connection. Stephanie assures me that this won't happen. I created a special gift for him which will hopefully help. I am so grateful that Brody and Stephanie have trusted me to be an active part of Axels life thus far.

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