Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another gripe about work but a safe place to say it

i had decided this week that i did not have too much going on and would try to get some extra moola to help pay for my extra purchases that have been made. must not be my week to do that as my staffing office has completely butchered my schedule all week. as a dedicated employee, i called early monday morning and signed up for 2 regular shifts and 1 on call shift ($$$). 1. i worked monday (no problem) 2. received a call tuesday asking if i could work this week 3. returned the call to find out that they took me off the schedule 4. got put back on the schedule

then driving to work tonight i called to find out the floor i would be working on...only to find out that yes i was scheduled but for two different shifts and was told to return home and not come back until 11. i was also informed that they had taken me off my call shift for tonight meaning no bonus. can i say that this is one irritated nurse!!! hopefully my scheduled on call for tomorrow as was again rescheduled since 6:30 tonight. if not...i guess they will be working one nurse short tomorrow....and my plan to pay off my new couch won't happen for another few weeks.

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  1. I can't even imagine. I'm glad you are so calm about it all! You'll get that couch paid off soon enough!