Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Over the past month, i have came to really enjoy tuesday evenings. with steve at work and school until late, it leaves me to have time with nate. i am always a sucker too, as i cave to most of his wishes on this day. the scenario plays out something like this...

nate: whats for dinner?
me: i was thinking we should eat home and have chili dogs
nate: but it's taco tuesday night...cheap. well have chili dogs tomorrow before you go to work
me: (guilt that i have not cooked in far too long) we have no money
nate:come on...we'll do better the rest of the week
me:ok (caving in) as i know that when we go out to eat just mom and son...he divulges to me many things that may not have been said otherwise. after all, i know the nicknames to most of his friends and how cool is that.

oh heck i can rationalize forever...but after working the night before and sleeping most of the day, it is nice to get out and be enlightened by what my teenage son has to offer. at least, he provides a ray of sunshine to my life and to me that is priceless.


  1. That close relationship with your son is worth all the money in the world! good for you!

  2. How can you pass up Rosa's Taco Tuesday! Now you just need to come here again so we can go to Tacos Guymas for chili verde!

  3. You have to take advantage of all of those moments. How sweet they are!