Friday, September 26, 2008

the first month of school

the first month of the school year has been an adventure already with discovering new classes and finding new routines. i would like to say that this should be easy...but not always for the wadkins family. i am so very proud of nathaniel and the many projects that he takes on. there is not one class that he has that i would consider easy...and some i can not even begin to think that i would be of help. as nate has started the 10th grade, he has three core classes being pre-ap, (we let the history scate as a regular class) after listening to what had to be endured last year by other parents and students. i must also say that nate starts his day off at 6am with the varsity swim team. yes, this year he is doing seminary at home....not an easy feat for mom and dad as we have to keep up on it. besides swimming, nathan has decided to take on student council this year. that comes with weekly meetings and having to fulfill one volunteer service project a month. we are also encouraging him to finish up his scouting and submit his idea for his eagle project. some days, i think this is quite a lot for a teenage boy who would rather hang with his buddies or play on his laptop. so with all the nagging that i have done about grades...i give my son a big kudos!

steve has also started back to school to earn his masters degree in public administration. i believe he is in overdrive at this time as he adjusts to a very demanding school program. he is again enrolled in UNT which has the 9th ranked MPA program in the nation. the amount of work assigned shows it...on top of this, his job with the state is under a complete over hall, and possibly not for the best.

as for me, well i am bored much of the time. i have a list of many projects to tackle with a few actually being accomplished already. i have finished the extra room in our house. i think it turned out quite nice...but i guess that is if you happen to like IKEA. i was able to assemble the
dresser and night stand in about 31/2 hours without any issues. the room is now only missing a duvet cover and a little one or two with a smile and personality to fill it. we are again licensed for foster care and hopefully will receive a perfect call soon. i have also stained the deck that my dad and nate built last year. steve says that i am just in the mode of wanting to work on my hearth and home. i hope nature and luck see it our way.
i have so much to say but the words do not seem to be flowing at this time. i guess i am in a mode of needing some kind of change. i am looking forward to fall and hopefully the weather cooling down. and who knows maybe some good karma to flow my way. i wish everyone a happy weekend!


  1. I love the green stripes on the cute! Nate seems sooo busy, but I guess that will keep him out of trouble! I cannot believe he is that old! Crazy!

  2. The room looks awesome! It looks completely different and it turned out great. Nate is awesome too! You figured out how to put 2 pictures in!