Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Central Charger Swimmer!

The Radisson had a picture perfect fountain
The swimmers that earned letters for the 2008-09 season
(back row)Shailey, Devyn, Lori, Spencer, Nathan
(front) Pam and Nate

Nate earned "most improved swimmer" for the guys
Coaches Ann Tracewell-Wang and Lauren Wink

A week later the jacket came. I think it looks awesome!
In the summer we will get it embroidered to Nates taste

On March 7th, the banquet was held for the Central Swim team for the 2008-09 season. I was in charge of the planning and all the festivities. Luckily for me, I became friends with Becky Davis, and she bacame a great friend and partner on the swim mom job! We were lucky and we were able to secure the Radisson Hotel for the banquet. We had expected that maybe twenty would come...we ended up with 28 swimmers and 30 guests. The food was great and our decorations looked fantastic. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture. I think the evening came off as a success and the kids had a great evening. Becky and I put in a lot of hours and learned many things that will make being team moms much smoother next year. I am so proud of Nate and his accomplishments and improvements with swimming. He definately worked hard and improved greatly. Sorry, as I timed every meet, there are no stats to post. Half way through the season, we thought that Nate was going to quit. He then said that he would finish the season, but would not be returning next year. I was truly sad! I am just happy that Nathaniel finished the season and has a change of heart and will be returning to the team next season.


  1. Yeah for Nate! and to you too for working so hard as team mom.