Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snap shots with Georgia family

Cody and Nate were the last two in our wicked game of monopoly
Chris, Nate and Me

Two happy tired girls

My 5 yo cousin Jackson

Josh, Chris and Cody holding Thumper

My Uncle Scott with his wife Stephanie and son Jackson

Eating dinner at one of their favorite restaurants Nagoya

Nathaniel and I drove to Georgia and Steve flew up the next day to meet us. I went with the full intention to keep grandma busy. On Wednesday, we just lounged around the house....recouping from the drive. Thursday, we visited the beloved Hobby Lobby. For dinner we went to their favorite Nagoya Japanese House. Grandma was disappointed as the chef did not do any of the cooking tricks/show that they usually do. That is twice now that we have gone with them and no show...it must be us texans that scare the chefs. In the evening Steve and I went bowling with Josh and Nate. Totally fun, but my game is definitely not good. Friday was our pedi day and dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. After dinner, Steve and I went driving and found the Atlanta Temple. I figure after all of our trips to Georgia, it was about time to see it. I'm glad we saw it now since construction is about to start to refurbish it. Saturday, Steve left us to visit a friend in Savannah. We went to breakfast, saw Knowing with Nicolas Cage (not bad...not good), and checked out an awesome mansion that was going to be tore down. The night ended with a wild game of monopoly. All I can say is that Nate plays as dirty as his father. We had a great time and I was successful at keeping grandma busy!


  1. Hi, Kelly! I found your blog from FB. It sounds like you've been through a lot of heartache but are a pretty strong woman! Nate is so grown up! I still remember that he liked some pancakes that I made one time--isn't that random?

  2. I'm so glad you had a get away and a great time, too!

  3. I sure hope that I will get to go visit Grandma soon.