Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too Much Illness and Death

This morning at 2:00 AM my sister-in-laws (Stephanie) mom died. It was an expected death, but sad none the same. Jan was a very nice lady and endured more than her share over the past two years. Many times before, we all thought, death would come and then she would have another beginning. Unfortunately, this last time she went to the hospital, she had said to me that she wanted to die and was not going to come home. I am glad that I was able to get to know Jan when I took her to some of her appointments. She listened without passing judgement and I was also able to learn a lot about her family.

A week ago this past Sunday, Steve became ill, and found himself once again as a patient in the hospital. The doctors had told him initially that his stay would be just over night. The stay ended up turning into six days. He was lucky enough to have an NG tube for three days and a diet of ice chips. He endured a few nights of high fevers and one too many IVs. The doctors actually wanted to discharge him on Thursday....however, I came down with the flu and his stay in room 440 lasted one more. As for Steve's health at this time...we are not any closer to understanding what is wrong. He had a follow up today with the GI doctor and is now scheduled for another procedure. We are awaiting for the Hematologist to schedule his appointment there.

As for me, I came down with the flu on Steve's third day in the hospital. I was in complete denial as I stayed that night with him in the hospital. However, two days later, I succumbed and visited the doctor myself. I am now attempting to feel better and get some of my strength and energy back.

Last night, my mom was admitted into the hospital in Seattle. She is over all well, and will no doubt recover. Moms hospital stay will refresh her and in the end be more of a hindrance than was needed at this time. The family is not freaking out...but we must say that Brody has reached his wits end on health issues.

For the final trial, my brother, and his in laws and a family friend are all at their house ill and trying to do the end of life things that must be done at this time.

I end this entry with more to illness and death at this time!


  1. Everyone needs to stay healthy now.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that! I hope Steve and your mom get healthy quickly! I am so sorry to hear about Stephanie's mom, too! Wow, how frail life is!!!

  3. It has been quite the last few weeks. I will always remember my time with Jan

  4. Your family has a bunch of SICKOS right now... feel better soon! Oh, and the movie "Sicko" was great...FYI.