Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nothing like a pedi

I was so excited to go visit family in Georgia. I had many plans to keep those family members busy. Friday I decided we were going to get pedicures done. Now how relaxing is that! My pictures do not give justice to the giggling that took place....

My Aunt Chris laughed pretty hard when they scrubbed her feet

Grandma was pretty subdued and just taking it all in

My uncles wife Stepahanie did a little giggling herself

Steve had a mani/pedi session. The technicians had a great time spoiling my man! look at his grin


  1. I cannot believe that your Grandma hasn't changed a bit! She looks fantastic!!!

    I love my pedicures, too! And yes, I am a giggler!

  2. I wish I could of had a pedi with you guys!