Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeling Content

I really wanted to have a post today just so I could  have 1-1-11 on my blog {pretty dorky I know}.

Today I am content. No need to make any resolutions that will be broken in a week or two. Just a moment of   enjoying the peace and calmness of today. The holidays and last couple of weeks, I have felt like a normal family. Last night, Steve and I spent a couple of hours playing scrabble with mom and dad. Nathan had a few friends over to ring in the new year. I went to watch the ball drop in my room and must have fell asleep about was all okay though as Steve came in and gave me a kiss at 12:01....he hasn't done that in quite a few years.

So today I will stay relaxed and relish the feelings I am having...because school will soon start (for both guys in the house) and life dramas will return before I know it. Then my angst will surely return.

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