Friday, January 7, 2011

Senior Swim Night

The senior swim meet is always supposed to be their moment of fame. A brief summary about the swimmer is read as they walk down the bulkhead. They are given a flower and the parents meet them for a photo. Sadly, there was a lot of chaos with the other swimmers being all over the place and it was hard to see Nathan as it was his moment. Fortunately, I could somewhat hear his presentation and were at least able to get a family shot.

Our senior swimmer

In the past, no one has ever bothered to get photos of all the seniors together. Becky had them all in their parkas and we got a few photos showing them and their personalities.

Back row L-R 
Sebastian Jackson, Nathan Berg, Nate, Bryce Davis, Tyler Sheets, Coach Wang
Front row L-R
Lori Heath, Pam Coyle
We wanted to have a cake that was a bit different than the ones in the past. Becky found an awesome picture of swimmer bodies and we decided that we would attach their faces to. The cake did not look anything like the ordered design...and quite frankly....was sloppy for having been done at a bakery. I think it still turned out original and cute.

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  1. The cake is cute-but it does not look like its from a bakery. Very cute idea though!!