Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Senior year and grades half over....

The first half of Nathans senior year has come to an end. It has been busy, exciting and a bruiser all in one. We have had our ups and downs....with me not wanting to let go....and one seventeen year old with severe senioritis and wanting to venture out {SIGH}...

But none the less....we made it through and he managed to finish with a report card looking like this.

This was a first in high school for this......and yet it was accomplished.....Nathan earned straight A's this past semester....and three of the classes were advanced placement. Not that this is a shocker. He is very intelligent. However so, laziness and boredom and have been a fixture for most of his schooling experience.

At the end of last year, we learned that Nathan was about seven or eight slots from being in the top ten percent of his class (currently a class of 730ish). We will have to wait about a month to see if he slipped into one of those slots.

Either way....I am doing the happy dance for a shear moment....and might actually have to put this report card on the fridge when it arrives....that's if he remembers to pull it out of his bag.

Quick summary of year

He has now officially entered his last semester of high school {sob sob}. One more AP class and his first college course to tackle. Two last college trips to finish up within the next months time. Final commitment to be made for his next education destination and experience. Sadly....we encouraged him to decline his acceptance to Cornell College (they just couldn't cough up enough scholarship money to make it a possibility). It was his first choice and his first real adult decision to be made.

His swim season has been so so and it has been a bit of a challenge to keep him enthused. Nathan has had his first girlfriend (official since October). He has continued to work at Gamestop and finally finished up his Eagle Scout Board of review this past November. Nathan was accepted into every college he has applied to...we are now on him to apply for multiple scholarships....feeling generous....the Nathan Wadkins education fund will gladly accept donations {smile}.

Last week, Nathan hit his head pretty good at swim practice and earned his first cat scan. Good news...he still has his brain intact.

This is a bittersweet time for me, as I continue in these next few months of having my son still under my wing. He has grown into a fantastic young man that I am so proud of and eternally grateful to be able to say I am his mom. May the stars be aligned and some more memorable times be had.

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  1. Good job getting all A's. Where has the time gone and can he really be graduating this year?