Friday, October 10, 2014

Cables X-Tremos in the Atitlan Nature Reserve

After arriving in the late afternoon the day before, Sunday was a free day. Half the group went to the ruins and then there was the daring who chose zip-lining. What a great experience...definitely on my bucket list of adventures to have experienced. 

 Getting all geared up
We hiked straight up in a beautiful mountain approximately a half mile with a 486 ft elevation.
My lungs gave me a little grief on the last part of the hike...but the group was totally supportive.

This water fall was beautiful. It was in our view everyday on our drive through the mountains on our way to clinic. Being able to get up close was breath taking. 
 We had to walk a fairly long suspension bridge allowing us the great up close view.
There were numerous suspension bridges that had to be crossed.
 A selfie somewhere along the path

This might give you an idea of the thrill. Our course had nine lines. the first four were pretty extreme. I think our longest line was 3/4 mile at 60 mph. It was a bit scary and an adrenaline experience that I am so glad I got to experience.


  1. We did that in Puerto Vallarta. Loved it, except for the braking. I was awful! :)