Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Spirit, Plants and Pumpkins

Since the weather has started cooling off...I have had a great desire to be outside more...and with my old Friday pal Axel Ryan getting close to moving.... I have wanted to hang out with this little man.  I needed to find a way to combine both of these and the answer was The Dallas Arboretum.

I have an awesome brother and sister-in-law that let me have this little man over the years. I am very close with Axel Ryan. 

 Axel happens to like Charles and has named him "Lobster"

I was excited to go and see the pumpkin village. I always like seasonal and holiday festivities

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  1. I cannot get over how cute you and Charles are together!!! It makes me happy to see you so happy! Axel is pretty darn cute, too!