Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pictures of Guatemalan life

Ask me about my trip to Guatemala and I will talk your ear off until you are bored. I thought it would be easier to post random pictures and my thoughts to each one.

 Piling into the back of small trucks is a typical form of transportation. This was one of the first pictures I got while driving through Guatemala City...
I love the mans leg hanging over the tail bed
 This is a chicken bus....another form of common transportation
it would not be uncommon to see chickens here

 and we think gas is expensive....

 group of smiling boys playing

 the kitchen of a typical home
5 people sleep here in a space not shown. they all slept on the floor
 another home that was across from one above....
2 people sleep here on a full size bed

 Loved the Tuk Tuk ...their version of a taxi
They were all decked out different and given names

 I captured this little guy while exploring

 The women wear colorful heavy clothing....
each village has their own color or design

 The girl is covering her mouth after having a tooth removed..
they believe if the hole is left uncovered that evil can get into their spirit

 Corn fields every where...it rained every day

 country side

 It flooded on one of our last days

 Our daily drive up the mountain. Narrow roads and no driving rules

The women carry wood on their backs and random items on their heads.
Imagine how many came to the clinic with neck and back pain

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