Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mission Trip and Guatemala

Panajachel-Solola-Nahuala Mission Trip
helping serve the Mayan Families
organization- Global Hands of Healing

For a few years now, I have wanted to go on a medical mission trip and serve those who are in need, while being able to adventure to another country. My health cooperated and I was able to travel to Guatemala with Global Hands of Healing for eight days.

The group consisted of eighteen individuals, who came from a variety of religious backgrounds and many different skills. Our group consisted of 1 medical doctor, 4 dentists, 4 nurses, 2 dental assistants, 1 paramedic, 2 vision workers, 2 ministers, 1 CRNA, and 1 young adult/college student.

We flew into Guatemala City and traveled to Panajachel (about 4 hours away) where we stayed at the hotel Jardines del Lago for six nights...

The hotel sat near a lake leaving us with beautiful grounds and a great view...especially at the morning buffet. Every morning the weather was lovely and we ate overlooking the lake.

We would all make frequent stops in the lobby to use the wi-fi, to play crazy UNO, eat cookies and head out for the many activities.

I am going to break up this experience into a few different posts...

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