Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow day in Texas

Today we awoke to a snow day (#5 for this season I believe). We have had snow every year since being here, however, I think this is the most snow yet. And it is nice fluffy snow! Nathaniel suckered me into letting him stay the was released early and cancelled tomorrow. I guess it is now a four day weekend. After letting him sleep, it was time to play. Here are some pictures to enjoy:
Colonel Mustard is showing a good measure to the snow as of 8am
Picture says it all
We don't build snowmen...we build a snow spike
I had to drag Axel back in...thought his hands were going to fall off
don't pay attention to the eye bags/circles...I was having fun
Nate warming back up while I was chasing Axel

I am enjoying the day and look forward to seeing what else the day may bring. Maybe cleaning out the craft closet or doing one of my many crafts that I have not had time to do....We'll see.


  1. It's been fun for today, but hopefully it doesn't go on for days. Last time it snowed I had to drag Axel back in to...I worried about his hands also

  2. What fun, we have had no school closures this year. Last year we had 8. I think this will be our first year with our snow. Have fun and enjoy it.