Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chargers Guys, Nate and Districts 2010

Last night, we had our traditional pasta dinner to carb up the swimmers. I must say it was a little difficult to plan this year. We could not find a restaurant that would let us reserve a party of 35. The result (which worked out great) was an automotive repair shop...compliments of an uncle. The kids were able to drown themselves in spaghetti, music and then Becky (the other super dooper team mom) painted all of our boys toes hot pink with black lightening bolts.

                                   the guys were a little too comfortable

Today were 5A districts...and quite frankly the boys got creamed. Unfortunately, Nate did not have a chance to even qualify for regionals. Coach did not set him up well. She was not consistent in his events all season. He would do a the 500 free and 100 fly one meet and then the next she it would be the 200 or 100 free. Anyways, she did not have any faith in him today and his events were the fly and 500....and he scored. No he did not qualify for regionals....sigh...but he dropped his 500 free time by 30 seconds and his 100 fly by 3 seconds. Coach was left wondering where these times came from. Too bad when you give up on the definately- not- the- fastest- but- consistent swimmer (sarcasm). Way to go son, your fans new you swam hard.
                    Nate lounging in the backround with his I touch I'm sure


  1. Yeah, go Nate! Ilove the hotp pink toenails-awesome! It can be frustrating when the coach just does not get it-there's still next year.

  2. Only manly men can put up with the pink toenails! Way to be tough and proud boys!!!

  3. Go Nate! You know you love that your son is in swimming... I am sure hearing the swimmers horn at the start of a meet brings back a lot of memories... does he listen to Erasure? That is the ultimate swimteam music :).