Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game night

Last night the family all gathered at Sally's house for what we are hoping will be a new thing that sticks with all of our busy, chaotic schedules. Family Game Night one Saturday a month!!! If it is your house, then you pick the game. The game of the night was UNO. We had two decks and eleven people playing. Wild, fun and ruthless would describe the night. Nate tried to pretend that he was not into it at all. Unfortuately, there were too many there to hear him laughing with the rest of us. After a few hours, I believe Damon won with the least number and Steve lost with the highest number.
Next month...Stephanie and Brody's house. I can only wonder what they will have us play


  1. So much fun. Wish we could be there too.

  2. That is a bummer that there is no big group picture. Maybe the studio was too small

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