Friday, January 1, 2010

Always so Serious

Why oh why son are you always so serious? Is it from your upbringing....because for many many years your parents had serious relationship issues...or is it just your nature? I ask you this quite often lately. Your expressions for the most part reflect this. And then every once in awhile that great smile of yours will break through. I know the pressures placed upon you. The AP classes and your parents demanding no less than a high "B", the swim season and now a job on top of it. Oh and lets not forget your moms nagging about being safe a thousand times a day and every time you get into the car. Your driving so far is the biggest worry that I have; especially since you have already had an
accident (or two). Oh Nate, I love you, but I so wish for you too not be so serious all the time (except when driving) and to stop and relish your youth the events and most of all the time with the family.

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