Thursday, January 14, 2010

A chronic cough can mean.....

I have had a cough since last February. At first it was just annoying...had type A flu (Feb), lots of stress, a surgery (July), working was not too concerning. Then a couple of months ago I decided to pay a visit to the family doctor. Told that I should know that is not normal, but not given any real direction to turn. And then I thought it was starting to go away............sigh...not so lucky. I could not stand it any longer and started talking with one of the doctors at work (perk of being a nurse). I received some free advice, followed it to the tee. No luck on a cure.

So today I had an appointment with the pulmonologist to dig deeper into finding an  answer. The doctor took an intense health history. Spent about 40 minutes examining me and discussion possible thoughts. Overall, I am very healthy. I have had very heavy menstral cycles, infertility and am prone to pneumonia and the flu. I would have never thought that these could all go hand in hand. Now we do not know for sure if they are related to the cough or not.....medicine is a mysterious science. So from here I go for a battery of blood work, a cat scan and a pulmonary function test. We are hoping that this will lead to an answer and a way to stop the annoying hack that bugs me and I am sure those that are around me.

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