Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family pictures Jan 4th 2010

   Our Kids

clockwise starting with Nathaniel
Nathaniel 16, Damon 11, Jenna 10, Axel 2, Deigo 6, Jake 8, Oscar 8, Hunter 14

the girls

our guys

my family

mom and dad

Sally and the kids 1st family picture

Axel being bribed to it

Here are a few of the shots taken. I think for trying to get nice faces on everyone, we did a pretty good job. But after looking at our CD, I am wondering how we did not get a big group picture.


  1. Priceless! That is a bummer that there is no big group picture. Maybe the studio was too small. :0)

  2. What cute pictures!!! Axel doesn't look too happy with the whole thing - is he related to Mark or Jason?!!! I think he got all of Brodys hair!

  3. I like our photos, well maybe not the old one.

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  4. Super fun to see you fam again... we love your fam. Good job for the big kids, Nate and Hunter to put up with the matching outfits and the load of kids... its hard to be the 'older' cousins.

  5. Those are some really great pictures!