Sunday, January 3, 2010

American Girl and other birthday festivities

Jenna is totally into the American Girl Dolls and had been looking forward to this adventure. So Jodie had gathered up her and Jenna plus mom, Hunter and myself for a outing to the store and a luncheon at the bistro. I must say that for someone who has never been to the store, it is quite an adventure. The store is set up kind of like a museum. We had a good time looking at everything and giving our inputs to which doll Jenna should buy. I lost out as I voted for Molly or Rebecca, as she purchased Elizabeth. This part was totally enjoyable. However, our lunch left a little to be desired. Our food server was not having a very good day and messed up three out of the five lunches. I ended up talking with the manager and one plate change later, we were able to enjoy our overpriced (but delicious tasting) food. And we each received a 30% discount for the mess up. I do not know if I would eat lunch there again but would definately visit the store when Jenna should visit us again.

                                                                   Jodie and Jenna                                  

Hunter and her borrowed friend

Damon and Jenna both have January birthdays, so we had decided to have a family birthday party for them since we were all in the same state. I do not believe we have ever had them together for their birthdays. Damon turns 11 on the 4th and Jenna turns 10 on the 8th. Happy Birthday to both of these awesome kids. We had a taco bar that was tasty and a little crazy at mom and dads house due to space.

A few of the guys and not quite sure what they were doing

Damon and Jenna

           Jenna sneaking a 2nd cupcake

During the day, dad had stayed home with all the boys. They adventured out to Mcdonalds and had a day of straight Wii and Nintendo DS. Big cousin Nate went along to assist and of course get a free meal from Grandpa. In fact, everytime all the kids got together, it turned into a big video game fest.

All the kids have become reaquainted and have had a good time over the week. We have one last day together left before we all have to resume our normal daily lives. Until then it has been a week of activities and fun chaos.


  1. I'm jealous you had so much fun with your sis!

  2. I can't wait to do it all again. We had so much fun.

  3. Sydney is addicted to the American Girl Dolls, too. Must be the age. We just went to the store in LA this trip. Looks like you all had a great time together!!!