Friday, February 4, 2011

A blast of cold 2011

 Monday January 1st we got hit with some ice and snow flurries
the nova with a little dusting
Tuesday February 2nd the view was pretty but oooh sooo slick
front view from my work of park and small river in the distance

all of the nurses cars on this crazy driving day
The picture doesn't give the road condition justice. I did a double 360 on my way to work and got stuck in ice on the way home...gotta love a rear wheel drive SUV. Thankfully, Steve and dad came to my rescue after a nice man in a big truck got me to safety.
front yard view about 3pm
Thursday the 3rd...third day school and work for Steve was cancelled.
One of my raging fires that we have had...sadly...we are now out of wood and the living room is cold
the wood spot....notice....its bare!
A frozen icicle of a broom

Friday the 4th....we awoke to what was supposed to be just more snow flurries. Instead it was a snow storm...about 2-3 inches in Fort Worth.
A pretty view before we destroyed it with a snowball fight

Nathan attempting to stab me with and icicle from his Nova....bring it on son!

Cabin fever is a bit much for off to eat we went. So much for my dieting I attempted to start this week.
Everywhere was covered in snow....this picture says a different story...
We were gone for about an 1 1/2 hours and in that time the sun appeared and the snow had already started to melt a ton. I guess it is now time for the slush.


  1. Well at least you got to have a fun snowball fight. Hopefully your roads will clear soon.

  2. I miss snow in my yard. I liked that about Texas, getting a day or two of snow. We had frozen pipes yesterday but no snow. :( I do not envy the icy roads, though. So glad you are okay!!!

  3. I hope things are clearing up for you, Kelly! Even looks cold.