Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun and Forty

how about this fancy tiara
On my actual birthday, Steve and Nathaniel were away taking care of college business. I was left to entertain myself. Not an easy feat for someone who hates being alone. I must say that the middle of the day felt a little odd. The morning/early afternoon was filled with zumba and lunch with mom and dad. Nothing like exercise and yummy soup, salad and bread sticks at Olive garden.

A little shopping, a missed massage appointment, a quiet house and I realized that there were birthday cards on the mantel. Sitting on the couch with Thumper, I opened the envelopes. How odd it felt to be doing this alone in front of the television. Is this how it feels to those who don't have friends and family local....hmmm.

Then darkness fell upon me and it was time to do some serious dancing. YEP...Becky made sure that I knew it was a birthday fit for forty. First was my tiara...that I proudly put on (and wore all night)....and then off we went. The tiara made for a great conversation starter.

We went to Fat Daddys in Fort Worth to see Le Freak (a pretty fun seventies cover band). Sometime during the evening, a few friends from zumba joined us. We danced and had a great time until the wee hours of the morning. After the club we went to Whataburger to eat. Seriously, I can't believe its legal to stay out this late and that people do this on a regular basis.

So day one came to a close and I am feeling good!

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