Tuesday, February 8, 2011

last days of thirties and.....

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Yes...I am in my last two weeks of my thirties. Awaits in a whole new adventure of womanhood and life. Am I ready....well....that is for another post on another day. 
This post is about my past two days.....SIGH....and how I thought that I had left my pubescent years behind me.
Yes...I may have been blind in this kind of thinking....as I awoke yesterday with a nice BIG red pimple in between my eyes. What a lovely site it is. Trying to dull the glaring brightness with some cover up....I mean seriously. Thinking that the facial skin could not get any worse than this one mere blemish....I awoke today with three more spots scattered on my almost forty year old face.

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I also had a brilliant idea yesterday that I should pay a visit to the dentist after a two year time frame. Well, I am not a fan of the dentist (not the dentist himself), just the things that must be done. Like x rays. I have a horrible gag reflex....worse than one could dare imagine. It is so bad that I fret about it, sweat and profusely apologize more than I should. As my son once said some years ago...."seriously mom, your an adult". 
Thankfully, the dental assistants had a great sense of humor and were kind enough not to make fun of me while I was in their presence and we mustered along with the dreadful task. Had a wonderful cleaning and was told my teeth were in great condition and then they dropped the ball that I had two cavities.
Really....why now I ask myself...the last time that I had a cavity was sometime in my school days I believe.....UGH. 


  1. Pimples and cavaties...sounds like fun! I, too, have a horrible gag reflex. I was at the orthodontist today for my final checkup and I gagged a million times as they stuck things DOWN MY THROAT! :0) Must be a Warr thing, that gag reflex.

  2. Yup it runs in the family. And how in the world can you be turning 40