Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dysplastic Nevus

Disclaimer: Nathan made me pinky promise him that I would not post this on my blog. This will be my first pinky promise break. So if you should see Nathan, don't mention that you saw this on my blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Nathan to his dermatologist as his acne medications wasn't working. After mentioning how bad his back was a few times, the nurse practitioner took a peak at his back. Upon looking, she replied, how long has this cancerous looking mole been here? What....hmmm....I don't know. It was biopsied that day and then she prepared Nathan that he might have to come back for a bigger sample to be removed. Sure enough, the lab results came back and the appointment was scheduled.

Today, the nurse practitioner removed about a two inch section and placed five sutures. Lab results to come back next week and sutures out in two weeks.

A view after the lidocaine and dye were injected
all stitched up
Dysplastic Nevi are usually detected in youth, however, it can be detected at all ages. Other than the age range, Nathan did not fall into the typical categories. There is a lot of controversy with dermatologists on diagnosis, treatments and follow up plans. For more information you can click the link provided:


  1. Ouch! Glad you caught it in time. Hope the results are good news!

  2. This was tasteful, nothing he should be upset about..very clinical

  3. Wow, good thing you took him in. CRazy!