Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Blowing out her 16 candles
Dominique, Raven, Hunter and Ashley
The family gathered at moms house today (a day early) to celebrate Hunter turning sixteen. A few of her friends came also came over and the girls were all pleasant. Mom made lasagna and salad. Sally bought a yummy chocolate cake (a rare moment as she always bakes them). Hunter blew out all the candles in one breath...better than my lungs will allow. She opened her gifts....and I am not sure what she got from everyone else. I do know that Hunter did not seem impressed with my gift {tear}. I bought her sixteen different items....everything from a cool cup, cutesy note pads, picture frames and a matchbox car.  Either intent was good....and I still love her.

Happy birthday Hunter!

May you survive this next year with some lovely memories.


  1. I think your present idea is cute. I think it is just hard to please a teenager.

  2. She said she liked it & has been using her cup

  3. She reminds me of you in the last one. That smile is just like you.