Sunday, May 29, 2011

Senior Year Flew by in a Flash

It is six days away from Nathaniel's high school graduation. I am filled with all sorts of emotions, but have contained them well thus far. I am amazed at how fast this year went by (and almost 18 years for that matter). Far too fast for this mother, as I reflect on the trials and great memories that the year provided. 

The challenges of a young man wanting independence....horrible physics projects....a first girlfriend....choosing a college...finishing a fourth year of swim...prom...and soon graduation. Of course there are many events that I have left out....too many car accidents...earning Eagle Scout Rank....good grades...etc.

I do know that I did a good job as a mother, as Nathan is prepared to go off to college and start a whole new adventure. He has proven (even with many of his opinions, views and political statements) that he has good morals and a decent work ethic thus far. My son has made me rise up to be a better person. He has taught me what unconditional love and learning is all about. And I hope that he has learned and seen these traits from me.

Some pictures throughout the year
 The guys painting their senior parking spots
 One of my favorite senior pictures way too serious son does act goofy once in awhile
 Nathan and Pam at Transiberian Orchestra (Christmas time)
 A hooky day at the Fossil Rim Animal Park
 First two acceptance letters...and then he ended up choosing a state school
Mom twisted his arm to play in the snow with me
Prom with long time friend Isaac (and girlfriends)

And soon a whole new journey will begin for a very doting mom and a great young man!

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