Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's official...he graduated

Procession into the convention center

Today was the big day for Central High School's class of 2011. It was definitely bittersweet as the day lead  up to the graduation ceremony. Since our grad time was 6pm, we had a luncheon with family and friends and then dessert to end the day.
wanting me to snap the picture so we could enjoy the Mexican feast
mom and I made cake balls for dessert
Nathaniel crossing the stage
Had to kick off the shoes after a long day
Matt, Isaac, Mark and Nate in the back
...well...being themselves

Nathaniel worked pretty hard in his high school years. He earned the gold stole for participating in the  Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP), red/gold cord for varsity sports and a metal for being a Advancement Placement Scholar. DAP and the Scholar program required quite a bit of extra classes, language and excelling on tests. However, his laziness/procrastination at times, kept him from being in the top 10 he wound up 7 slots away....bummer. I am not disappointed though. Nathaniel is my pride and joy!

It was a fun day and the high school years have been quite the experience with Nathan and his group of friends. They participated in the festivities...humored me with a few pictures to finish off the photo albums that I made each of them....and then they were off to "the Arcade" for what this group of guys do gaming.

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  1. Ahhh, time goes so fast. Tell Nathan Congratulations. What will we do with ourselves now?