Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2007 with our sweet little Miranda
Mothers Day is always a day that is bittersweet to me. A day to reflect over my life plan that was not fulfilled. Also a day to be joyous for the blessing that I did receive. I try to keep my thoughts of Miranda to myself. But it is very sad to me knowing that my once little girl will never even know that I was apart of her life. This year, again, was especially happy and sad all in one. I awoke realizing that this was my last official mothers day that Nathaniel would still be all mine. This is so selfish sounding I know....but this year....I wanted him all to myself. Steve even offered to come home early from his study session and go eat with us. Normally I would have been thrilled. Not this year...I didn't say no...I just didn't say yes. But secretly I did not want to share our son. Steve must have sensed something as he opted to not come home. In a few short months, I will have to start sharing Nathaniel... with life... and the activities/commitments that come with it.
our chocolate mousse cheesecake
a little blurry as Nathan didn't have the i phone focused.

So today, it was me and my child, together at our two people table at the Cheesecake Factory. And it was meant to be....front row parking and no wait for a party of two. A wine crusted chicken plate for Nate and a jumbalaya shrimp dish for me. Followed by a very tasty cheesecake shared by the two of us. All this equaled a very lovely evening.

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