Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time Capsule Opened

Mr Ketchum and the time capsule (or trunk)
the kids that showed up 
Nathan and Mr Ketchum
Nathan is about 6 ft. It doesn't show here
During Nathans 8th grade year, he had Mr Ketchum for his history class. Mr Ketchum was a first year teacher with a unique teaching style. During this school term, the kids went on a scavenger hunt, helped the teacher propose to his wife, made music cassette tapes.....and filled a time capsule (along with many other assignments) . This capsule was to be opened before graduation their senior year.

This weekend, about 50 or so kids showed up to open the time capsule and claim their belongings. Nathan let me tag along and actually get a picture of two.

They filled out a survey and here is a sample of the questions with the then and now:

Shoes you wore today:  then-black vans  now-black flip flops
where and why do you want to go to college: then- Cambridge, the highest rated school in the world
now- University of Houston (never gave us the reason for decision).
What will be your first car: then-something cheap   now-76 Chevy Nova
Biggest argument with your parents and over what: then-video game limits    now-curfew and computer limits


  1. some things don't change much, & that teacher must be really tall, because Nathan is not short

  2. Nate looks like a shrimp in that pictures. How fun for them to go back and open the time capsule.