Monday, May 10, 2010

Easy Picture Frame Project

I have found that I have a  love for creative picture frames every time I hit the stores. Unfortunately, I am way to cheap to want to pay the price for these beauties that would hold my lovely memories. I have also came to accept that I have an addiction of buying scrapbook paper without doing much scrapbooking. My solution was a fun and easy picture frame craft that I did yesterday. Only supply that needed purchased was a basic picture frame for 8.99 ( an impulse buy as I did not shop around or wait for a sale like I would normally do). Here is my outcome:
    Step #1 boring mat
Supplies used: paper of choice, blade for cutting, glue stick, cricut for lettering
(stickers can easily be used instead) and one sequin
Final outcome: custom frame for next to nothing


  1. Super cute. I just did something similar for Libby's Mom. Great minds think a like, right?!

  2. That's the cutest idea. I might have to borrow the idea and then it makes me feel "crafty"!!