Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nathan and his summer job

I hope to get a real picture of Nathan working this summer

Yes, it is true....I am big meany mom at times and I made Nathaniel get a second job for summer. Last summer he had willing wanted to work as a lifeguard at NRH2O....and unfortunately his age interfered. This year, I heavy handed him into applying for a second job (sorry son, your not sitting on the computer all day all summer long). And after all, he has great swimming skills. So the past couple of weeks, he completed lots and lots of training.  SADLY, most without pay. All so he can save a life or two; or at least get a nice tan trying.  However excited mom has been for him to have this job...well Nathaniel has been very...ummm....lets say less excited.

Well today was his official first day at the water park and I did not think he would actually make it. He awoke to his trunks not fitting. Left with plenty of time to arrive early and took a wrong turn only to arrive late. I was almost sure that he would call it quits before ever actually taking post.

Sigh...I was left waiting far too many hours to hear about his day.

After finally arriving home this evening, the first thing on my list of course was to ask Nathan a zillion questions about his day. Maybe teenage girls are different...I do not know....but my teenage son finds my excitement and curiosity a bit annoying. Happily, I heard that he now has a uniform that fits, about every location he had duty (being a deep water guard) and on his very first day...

Nathan had to jump into the wave pool to rescue a little kid.

Now how about that for a first day. At least his tone has changed and he now sounds a little more okay with where he will hopefully be spending a good part of his summer days.


  1. I think teenagers find their parents annoying frequently. However, when they need us...they NEED US!

    I got your comment about the two of us suffering the same thing because we miss our babies. Maybe we can just cry together? Write me at theredheadriter(at)aol(dot)com so we can correspond. Where do you live?

  2. Trevor and Devin are lifeguarding this summer too.

  3. The first days at a new job are always difficult, I hope he now understands how important his job is...the safety of our children so they can have a fun summer I think he will enjoy this one too

  4. Yay! GO Nate!I have finally come on to scheck the blogs.

  5. Wow ~ that's really something for a young guy. Surely he had the proper training, but it makes MY heart thump just reading about having to rescue someone. Good going!