Sunday, May 23, 2010

The French Like Him

This is Nathaniel's third year of high school french. It has been an interesting class to say the least. It has always been one of his his first teacher was "nice" and "never gave homework" and "could easily be swayed" off topics. Leaving it to be an easy class and very minimal French being learned. However, this school year, at the end of fall semester Madame Ramone decided to leave. This left us a bit nervous as to who would replace her and be left with a group of 3rd-4th year french students who had not been learning and still needed to pass the class.
To our surprise, it has been a wonderful teacher from Nigeria, Monsieur Fougere. This teacher has came in and has done a decent job getting these students close to where they should be....speaking some French. Nathan says the class is tough....and yet, this is one of his favorites. Monsieur Fougere has put enthusiasm back into class, the French Club and organized the first group of students being accepted into the National French Honor Society. We have heard compliments from Nathan towards his instructor and the other way around. I must say that it has been very refreshing to the ears.

Mr Fougere and Nathaniel
May  20th, 2010

Nathan lighting his candle before taking the NFHS pledge

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