Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

taken this morning before church    
notice the cute bracelet on my wrist

This morning I decided that I would awake Nathaniel by bouncing on his bed until he gave me a kiss and a happy mothers day acknowledgement. It did not too long and he even somewhat smiled. Then while I was getting ready for church, Nathaniel brought me my gift (not wrapped of course). It was a pretty bracelet with dark red gems. I had noticed that it was missing a few gems and decided that I would not mention I knew that I could fix it with the help of a craft store. Then during church, Nathan leaned over and had a pouty expression and pointed out the missing spots. He then replied that he was sorry but that the store sold it to him for a bargain price as he could not afford one with all the gems. All I could do was smile at his frugality and creativity of knowing that I would be happy that he did not forget today. Although, I did have to ask him teasily if it was stolen.

Church was nice today and all of those that I consider friends were there. During relief society we had a short lesson and then it was time for the lovely feast of goodies that the men had provided. Nothing like going to church and having a visiting social that did not interfere with anyone's lessons.

After church, Nathaniel and I went to Taco Casa for some good grub and conversation. Today has been a very nice day. How I will miss this in a few years if he is gone. So I will just relish the calm of today.

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  1. Sounds like it turned out to be a pretty great day! He knew you would forgive his imperfection but not a lack of sentimentality. :)