Thursday, May 20, 2010

You know you have no life when...

...when you spend many many days playing on your blog. Well, its not that I have been is me trying to figure out how to become shabby. Wanting to do more than just write. Being curious as to how the backgrounds are made....wanting to figure out how to make buttons...getting caught up reading other SHABBY/AWESOME bloggers blogs. It is not that I don't have a life; I have just placed it on hold. Avoiding dishes, laundry, cleaning my floors or helping Nathan look for his missing retainer. My list of really having a life can go on and on. And quite frankly, I must try to resume it tomorrow as we are out of drinking water...and faucet water sounds and tastes very unappealing.

Sooooo....if you are one of these bloggers or readers that knows how to do this creativity...and you can tell me where to turn for creating signatures, cool tabs (where i can paste links to pictures, crafts, etc),  and making buttons..........PLEASE help me, so I can refocus on my life.


  1. OMgosh! We must be TWINS! I have quite a few sites to share with you, if you like. Some have tutorials to teach you things like how to change lines around photos, or do a signature. Would you like me to email those sites to you?

    Gotta warn you, becomes fun as you learn and then you REALLLY have no life! ;)

  2. I certainly can't help you, but I like the new changes to your blog-very cute. I need to blog some more-but have really not had any time at all.