Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One week Post Op and Collision

I went for my one week post op appointment this past Friday. I only had one stitch and my incision is about 1/8 inch. But I must say that my foot is definitely swollen and a bit more sore now.A much needed pedicure will be in order once the healing is done. Dr Taylor did not feel comfortable repeating an xray quite yet...meaning one more weak of being totally non weight bearing and pretty dependent on help. Thank goodness Nathaniel is home from school and able to help provide some relief to those who have been helping me.

As if life is not challenging enough right now, Sunday, Nathan and I were involved in a motor vehicle collision (with us being the middle car that got smashed). I received a sore back of the head and my foot was rammed up into the dash board....SIGH. Xrays were all good and other than a little more discomfort...all is well...except for the car needing a back and front bumper.

Life challenges are said to make us better people....well all I can say.... I am thinking that I can do without too many more unforeseen events at this time.

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  1. nice pictures, where is the one with the screw?