Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let There Be Light

Stephanie and Me
This past week my sister-in-law and brother invited me to go to Christmas Eve service with them at their church. With all the changes in life right now, I happily agreed to go tonight, believing that a Christmas service was exactly what I needed. Brody (brother) did give me a heads up that the service would be totally different from the church that we grew up in (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints). The dress was far more casual and the church has a band. And wow....what a nursery these kiddos have to play in.

The first half of the service was the band and congregation singing Christmas hymns. I must say that they had a strong sounding resemblance to Cold Play. There were also little video clips portraying the message and theme of Christmas and the intended thought. Then the pastor spoke. He was extremely energetic and spoke very differently than what I am used to...but his message was strong. To summarize his thoughts....God provided light, Jesus Christ is the light and we need embrace both of these. To place our burdens upon Jesus and to let go of our errors or errors that unwillingly came our way. To embrace God in our everyday actions and let healing begin. The service concluded with a little prayer and a couple more songs.

I spoke with the pastor afterwards. We had a short conversation as I thanked him for welcoming me to his church. He asked about my faith, was very respectful and never tried to sway me of that being wrong. I would feel very comfortable visiting again if the season or series that they offered felt right.

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