Sunday, December 25, 2011

A very different Christmas

opening his yearly popcorn tin
I am sure life would not be the same if this was not a gift received
I never thought that Nathaniel would not be around for every holiday until after he was married or graduated from college. Last night it hit me at how different life now I went to our friends house (as we have done for the past 7 or 8 years) by myself. Nathan spent Christmas Eve with his dad. I am happy he chose to spend Christmas Day with his mom and the family. This morning, I made sure to let him know that we all missed him and that he missed out on a fun game of Texas Hold'em.

Actually, this whole Christmas season has just been a little off {frown}. I thought about the many holiday things that I missed or almost missed. My foot surgery added a little kink into life's mix. I did not go to the mall or town center even once (yes I like doing this). I was lucky that I could make it to Target and kind of hobble around. I did watch more than my share of sappy Hallmark shows. And since I became crutch free mid week....I was able to continue my tradition of having all the nephews over to bake. I also made one last trip to a very wiped out Target.

We got up this morning like every Christmas before to see what Santa delivered...a stocking full of stuff for the now adult kid. Exchanged a few gifts and I made breakfast. It seemed all too quick {SIGH}. And no one to snap a photo of Nathaniel and I....maybe later in the day we will get one.

I am so glad that the family will be coming over in a few hours. To have some normalcy of what Christmas has been. My mouth is  already drooling for the ham and other tasty foods that will land upon our palettes....the throwing of wrapping paper at each other which always drives my mother crazy {giggle}. And the pleasure of being with family.

I am extra grateful for the support and kindness of my close friends and family this season. For all the help, support and true friendship provided. I truly was been a recipient of the light of Jesus Christ.


  1. Next year come spend Christmas with us. We will spoil you!! We missed all of you guys.

  2. Hey Kell, I hope you have a happy New Year! I know things have been rough lately. I also know you will make the most of any situation. I will always have a soft spot( I seem to have more and more of those now a days) in my heart for you. My shoulder isn't there for you but the Lords is. You know you are never alone.