Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend in Washington

It was supposed to rain Saturday and our plans for the day was a trip to one of their local tulip festivals. We kept our fingers crossed that the rain would stay away until we were done. All I can say is rain...just a very chilly wind. But no complaining here. We were able to find a lovely Tulip farm to stroll around and take a 100+ pictures (well mostly Jenna did) and actually have a few really good ones.
Sunday brought the always AWESOME Easter Bunny for Jake and Jenna....and a text from Nathaniel that sounded oh so sad...."I didn't get a Easter Basket". OR so he thought...mommy easter bunny had it delivered to grandmas make sure her sweet son received it. But, I must say, how good it felt to see that Nathan does still want some fun traditions in his teen life. I must say though, that the holiday felt a little odd, as I had never been away from Nathaniel for a full holiday before. Sunday seemed to fly by....can not say for sure what we did, but the day seemed to be over far too fast. Jodie and I cooked up a feast for the five of us. Easter eggs were found and the mentos and diet coke experiment was repeated with far better success.

Jodie was in the mood to revamp her wardrobe, so we had shopped whenever the opportunity presented itself. Monday was my flight home and only left a couple of hours to share. So off to the mall we went. We were able to conquer a few stores, acquire a few more pieces and enjoy one last lunch together before I had to go to the airport.
My mini vacation was fun and I think we both wanted it to last a little longer. I will miss Jodie and the kids deeply. It is sad to have such a bond and live so far apart. However, my little family is here and I needed to get home to both of them (sorry time is over).

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  1. Come back already-Lily misses you. We need to do some more shopping.