Friday, April 2, 2010

Time in Washington

This week my sister and her kids were on spring break and I was able to come and visit. This was a last minute trip that just happened to work out....well except for having to call in to work for two shifts. Oh well...well worth it. I flew in on Wednesday and will be here through Monday. This will be the first holiday that I did not spend with Nathaniel. He was okay with this one. I will be able to enjoy the traditions to which younger kids love....yay!

Wednesday we did not do much...just hung out, ate and watched some tv. Thursday, we treated ourselves to pedis and had yummy pastrami (almost as great as The Hat in California). Later, enjoyed a nice walk before the rain decided to rear its ugly head. The night ended with the kids doing pranks on George and their awesome aunt Kelly. Friday, we helped Jenna and Jake with some bath salt making and attempted to do the diet coke and mentos test. It went OK...but we are planning one more attempt. For dinner that night was teriyaki (they do not make it the same in Texas).

So in a far a lot of hanging out and eating. With another post later on the rest of my time in Seattle.


  1. How was Barney? Love, love, love the pastrami. Our weather was Texas spring time beautiful

  2. Hey Kell,

    Long time no talk to. I found your family blog. Looks nice. Hope to hear from you to catch up. I can't believe your baby is so grown up!

    Larry Fletcher
    Riverside CA