Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vote for Nate!

"Vote for me, Nate Wadkins, for you senior class president. I have something the others don't have: a plan for CHANGE! Fight the Status-Quo, follow me to a resounding VICTORY!"

"Friends, we shall be victorious in this glorious struggle against the tyrrany of the student council only if we work together! Every vote counts! Together, we can make our senoir something people speak of for years to come. Remember: A vote for Nate, is a vote for Great!"

"What would you like changed? I intend to make the Student Council what it actually is meant to be: a political school entity, not a service organization like it exists as right now. Easier said than done, I know, but I believe that with enough support, it could easily change."

These are some exerpts from his facebook page. The words, I believe, say it all. They are a start to his political journey that lies ahead. They represent a young man who wants change and yet is not willing to fully compromise who he is and is not afraid to say it aloud in his words (even when they do not please the the teacher who is in charge).

At this moment he is at his interview, which is part of the process to winning the election. May the force of good karma be with him! It is not a secret in his crowd that Mrs Gantz (teacher that heads up council) is not happy that Nathan is running. Nathan is voicetrous and very open about his desire for change and to let the common student have a say. But, Mrs Gantz has the system set up so her favorites can win the positions that she feels best. In fact, this teacher, has created a system to where only 35% of the student vote actually counts. Then the interview, grades, teacher recommendations, ballot statement and speech all have a percentage attached. She then adds up the points and awards the student with the highest points the position of his/her choice (even if the students vote did not say this). This teacher has also developed a "constitution" that allows her to change their positions as she sees fit prior to the school year starting.

Now at this meeting we attended this past Monday evening, there was less than 20 students in attendance for all the class positions and associated student body. A sad turn out if you ask me....and this teacher had the audacity to say aloud that "I am not sure why we always have this low of a turn out". Hmmm...I wonder. Nathan will drive this teacher crazy if he should win. This teacher will drive me crazy if Nathan should win.

Go Nate!!! is all this proud mom can say.


  1. Good luck Nathan! I can't believe how grown up he looks Kelly! Great job on his swim party too!