Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadly there will be no victory

I am sad and a bit disgusted to say that Nathaniel was eliminated from running for senior class president. The reasons for elimination were never disclosed with the application packet or at the mandatory meeting that each candidate and parent had to attend.

Nathan had received an email over the weekend notifying him that he was not a ballot candidate based on a teacher recommendation and because he had an in school suspension early in his sophomore year (he went across the street and bought a doughnut).

Now I do not debate my sons disciplinary action (lame) and I can even suck it up that a teacher gave him a lower than perfect score. I can not nicely accept that these categories of disclosure were not made known in the beginning. Having said this, Nathan had a meeting with the leadership teacher and one of the principles. Thank goodness that mom went (even though I am told that I embarrassed him). These women were brutal! After we realized that there was no changing their minds, Nathan changed the focus on the importance of having this information out there for students to obtain....along with one extra paper (containing disclosures) attached to the application.

Now after the hour long meeting the administration thought that this was an unreasonable request. They did not see the importance of it as "we have never had anyone with a disciplinary citation before want to run for office". Seriously....this was their reasoning for not wanting to publish this information. Now common sense would say that had this been made aware early on that Nate would have not tried to run for he would have known that he could not. We left the meeting with the principle stating that Nathaniel  "is a persistent and feisty one". Compliment? I am not thinking so. In the end, they agreed that students should know these bylaws in the constitution and claim it will be on the Central website front page.

Now I can continue my rant with every detail, but it does not change that there was no common sense in that room. For every point we had, there was a pathetic excuse for what happened. I know that I called their personal character in the teacher yelled at me and the principle allowed it...all I could do was politely say that I was not trying to. I was only questioning many statements that were previously made at the meeting as they were perceived. And if making the request for change and asking how I will be able to track the changes that were promised are made....well so be it...I questioned their character.


  1. How irritating! Boy I guess that whole donut incident comes back to haunt you all (which in itself was also stupid). I feel bad for Nate. To me it sounds like they made that rule up after the fact-since we already knew the teacher did not want him to run.

  2. I am so sorry! Tell him he has my vote for whatever he wants to run for in the future. Their loss!!!!